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Moscow World Cup 2018.

Russia’s capital Moscow will exceed your expectations, no matter how high they may be. Energetic, dazzling diversity of the city has you covered in all the aspects, from the turbulent as much as fascinating history to explore, cosmopolitan high tech wonders to admire, plate of “haute cuisine” local flavours as well as the simplest Borscht (beet soup) to indulge in, and high end designer shops to the Soviet vintage options, for all the ladies to enjoy. Home to two football stadiums hosting the World Cup 2018 extravaganza, newly renewed beauty of the Luzhniki stadium and colorful Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow is your top destination this summer.


1.Tourist Travel to Russia  during World Cup, June 14 to July 15, 2018:

  • Great news in regards to the entry exceptions to Russia during the World Cup. No visa is required, you need your passport, ticket and “Personalized card of the spectator” (also known as a “Fan ID”). All the informations of how to obtain your Fan ID are found here:
  • Make sure to have travel insurance required while travelling to Russia

2. Tourist Travel to Russia

  • Passport must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay
  • Tickets and Documents for return or onward travel
  • Russian Visa is Required
  • Vaccination – None Required
  • Most travellers to Russia advise on getting an agency to arrange you visa
  • Tourist invitation is required, which consists of two documents: “Confirmation” (“Podtverzhdenie”) of a licensed Russian tourist agency and a “Voucher” of the hotel accommodation.

      Visa application online

3. Entry Limitations & Customs Restrictions

The following items are subject to limited entry to Russia and declaration. These are the items that should be declared, and you are to pass through the “red corridor”. Some of the items that are brought to Russia permanently, either for sale or for commercial use, may become subject to customs tax which can go up to 30% of the total price (usually determined by the customs officials).

  • Cash foreign currencies (equivalent or more than $3000 US) or rubles
  • Stocks and securities, including traveller’s cheques
    Alcohol (more than 2 l),
    Cigarettes (more than 100 pieces), tabacco (more than 250 g), cigars (more than 50 pieces),
    Caviar (more than 250 g), sturgeon (more than 250 gm),
    Items for commercial activity (including advertising materials)

4. Customs procedure summary: At passport control, or on the plane you will receive Immigration card that needs to be filled and you need to keep it until your departure from Russia. When passing the customs use the green line for nothing to declare or a red one for something to declare.


Russia is a safe country with travel risks no greater than any other European destination, however, there are few areas one needs to avoid according to the latest safety reports found here. Regular police are patrolling the streets, a Russian version of the British “bobbies”, and they might ask for your passport so carry a copy, even though during the World Cup Russia strives towards hassle-free stay for all visiting at that time. Tourist police are found in Moscow, their forte being to support the tourists find their way as well as provide useful information. Health insurance for travelling to Russia is mandatory, so make sure to have one with overseas coverage. Russian health system, by all the online reports and experiences, is not in a very good shape, so an apple a day we hope. Private clinics are up to standard, but very expensive. Bringing the medications in the country could be somewhat complicated, so it is best to advise with your consulate on what is allowed. Carry a copy of the valid prescription, including a notarized translation into Russian when entering Russia with prescription medications. Prescription medication should be in its original packaging.

Russia conflict areasMoscow tourist police


Russian culture needs no special introduction, the country has produced some of the greatest artists on the planet, Classical composers, philosophers and writers. Ballet (Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow), folklore (Baba Yaga, a witch-like old woman who lives in the forest) and famous Matryoshka dolls are just some of its interesting insignia. Russian people invoke respect, one minute you are negotiating something, in a manner of filling a tax return in your local office and the next one you are doing a Kalinka (traditional Russian dance) over the bottle of vodka with them. Remember, when landing to one of the airports in Russia make sure and clap to compliment the pilot, its a tradition in Russia. Would be good to learn a few basic words in Russian we have listed below, as even though people in the travel industry speak well, you may find some language barriers outside the hotels and restaurants. Smiling in the street for no apparent reason is best explained in the famous Russian proverb: ”Laughter for no reason is a sign of foolishness.” Introduction and greeting require a strong eye contact (not a stare), handshake and on some occasions a gentle back slap is acceptable.

Russian honor guard Russian ballet Alexander Pushkin


The average temperature in the months of June / July is a pleasant 23 °C (73 °F), with heat waves lasting for a week or two reaching the temperatures up to 30 °C (86 °F), that being the case for Moscow. Enormous as it is, with areas of different altitude, Russia’s weather is diverse as the countries landscape, so the weather forecast is tough to summarize. Bring some warm clothes for the northern parts, sunglasses for Sochi and we will list where to get an umbrella once in the Kazan city, hopefully, will not need one.


Local currency is Russian Ruble – 100 Ruble = 1.70$, 1.27 £, 1.44€. Money exchange offices and banks are well located even though having some local currency on you upon arrival is always advisable. Credit card usage in Russia is limited, having a reasonable amount of cash with an option to withdraw funds at local atm spots is your best option. List of City Bank atm’s by metro stations


  • List of foreign embassiesMoscow embassies.
  • Smoking in Russia has been prohibited; inside or anywhere within 50 feet of an entrance to airports, subways and rail stations, in public buildings, medical institutions, elevators, children’s play areas, on public transport, beaches.
  • Taking photographs of the military personnel is prohibited (Imperial Guard).
  • Public wifi is available in some cities and parts of it, but don’t rely on it.
  • Sim card „ Pay as you Go“ Best options of prepaid cards in Russia
  • Scan all you documents prior to the trip.
  • Bottled water advised.
  • Driving in Russia can be quite challenging, specially off the main cities as the roads are not in tip top shape.
  • Emergency numbers: National Emergency Telephone Number (24/7) – 101, Medical Emergencies (Ambulance) – 103, Police – 102


Hello – Zdrastvooyte
Thank you – Spaseeba
You’re welcome – Pazhalooysta
How are you? – Kak pazhivayesh?
Do you speak English? – Vi gavareetye pa angleeskee?
I don’t understand – Ya nee paneemayoo


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