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Soccer is quite unpredictable, but Manchester (United) is not. The city undoubtedly and strongly features its sport culture that has lived on for decades, and is steeped into tradition. What is doubtful, is that it will reduce the number of sports fans it receives providing some of the best soccer experiences in the world. Away from the stadium, Manchester is a vibrant and buzzing city that celebrates pubs, bars, night clubs and  generally embraces the “joy de vivre”. Famous “Curry Mile” brings the flavors of Asia with variety of Asian restaurants, kebabs and other oriental fast food options situated in South Manchester as a large part of the Wilmslow Road. Not without it’s verdant side, Fletcher Moss Park & Botanical Gardens offer relaxing retreat to quietly reflect on the match results or have a simple stroll through the English well maintained landscape. Impressive industrial history is molded at the Museum of Science and Industry at the location of the oldest rail station, the old Liverpool St Station. Manchester Cathedral is one of its oldest buildings, a classical example of the Gothic architecture and its opposite attraction, the MediaCity Uk, BBC’s 80 – hectare set- up offers guided tours around the grounds (not on) where the British beloved “Coronation Street” came to life.


1.Tourist travel to Uk

Citizens of United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, some South America and Europe countries, need no visa for the entry to the UK but are granted one upon entry as long as the immigration officer is happy with your passport photo. If you are from the country that needs a visa, please check here: Uk visas and then apply on the same link.

2. Entry limitations & customs restrictions:

  • Declare cash above 10,000€
  • Anything above is subject to the customs:

1. tobacco products:
– 800 cigarettes;
– 400 cigarillos (max. 3 grams each);
– 200 cigars;
– 1 kilogram of pipe or cigarette tobacco;
2. alcoholic beverages:
– 10 liters of spirits over 22%;
– 20 liters of alcoholic beverages less than 22%;
– 90 liters of wine (though no more than 60 liters of sparkling wine);
– 110 liters of beer

Detailed list of the items prohibited from bringing into the country is found here


England, in general, is a country safe or unsafe as any other Western European oldie but goldie, just use common sense. Manchester, as an urban city has the same safety issues as any other, so reasonable caution is advised, and ladies do not wander alone at night, an advice once more, applicable to the most bigger cities. Health system in the Uk is provided by National Health Service (NHS) and is of a high standard. All nationalities will receive free emergency treatment, for all the rest you need a travel insurance.


From Shakespeare over Charles Darwin to Margaret Thatcher, all fields covered with brilliant minds and talented artists. Britain, like most, has its own unique culture and although different parts of the country may display their diversity in their own way, the main aspects that make the British culture stands out from all the others are in their friendship with the US, fantastic British humour and royal tradition. With Monarchy of over 1000 years old being a powerful influence on the nation, no wonder they have a distinctive royal conduct with reserved and respectable manners. When in fact, British are lovely, easygoing and beer/wine drinking bunch, often practising “a teeny bit of teasing”, you might find too much if sarcasm is not your thing especially in the company of Mancunians (people of Manchester).

Windsor Castle Guardtea-time Englandcharlie-chaplin


The climate of Manchester are mild summers with July the hottest month, average temperature of 16°C and cool winters with January the coldest month and average temperature of 4°C . Significant amount of rainfall during the year is no big surprise even at the driest month.


The pound sterling is the official currency of Great Britain. 1£ = 1.40$


  • List of foreign embassies – Uk embassies.
  • Smoking in England is prohibited in all enclosed public places. 
  • Public wifi is available “FreebeeMcr” outdoors of Manchester and “usybeeMcr” in the public buildings.
  • EU countries is under RLAH (Roaming Like At Home), England is still also.
  • Scan all you documents prior to the trip.
  • Bottled water advised.
  • Driving in Uk can be quite challenging, specially as they drive on the wrong side – left. Forget about “Right on Red”, there is no such thing in England, always wait. Most cars are manual so for US  and Canada, double the trouble. Valid international drivers licence required.
  • Emergency numbers: National Emergency Telephone Number (24/7) – 999 or EU no – 112


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