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Prior to purchasing tickets online double-check the match date on It’s also recommended to check back again to ensure the match has not been rescheduled (it may happen for various reasons, from bad weather to FC’s internal issues). If time allows, arrange your travel with the possible changes in mind. So, ideally, if the match is taking place on Sunday, fly in on Friday and leave on Tuesday. This way even if the match is rescheduled you will still be able to attend it.


The ticket prices vary depending on the match and the seating area, but generally start at €29 and go up to €175. Here is the list of the sections, from the cheapest to the most expensive:

  1. Corner
  2. Gol Nord / Gol Sud
  3. Lateral
  4. Tribune


There will be a better buzz in the cheaper sections: behind the goal and closest to the pitch (Note: no alcohol is allowed on the stadium premises!). However, be aware that your view will be somewhat limited. If you are looking for a good price-quality ratio, go for the Lateral section, second level, first 10 rows or so.

If you have access to a printer, print your tickets at home and take them with you. You can also pick up the tickets at the ticket office – just make sure to arrive an hour in advance.

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