Spain at a glance.

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Spain At a Glance


Spain takes up a large chunk of the Iberian Peninsula. It borders France and is washed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea on the east and the often harsh Atlantic Ocean in its northern part. Spain consists of 17 main regions that are called here “Autonomous Communities” and has a population of 46 million people. It’s a relatively small country, which you can cross by car in just 9 hours. The largest city is the capital of Spain – Madrid, with Barcelona, Valencia and Seville being the other larger cities.  

Spain was home to many different ethnic groups and cultures throughout millenia: from Phoenicians and Romans to the Muslim invasion that reigned from the 8th century until the last Moorish outpost was taken over by the Catholic Kings of Isabella and Ferdinand in the southern city of Granada in 1492. So no wonder, Spanish people and culture differ region to region: from the captivating Flamenco dancing and fiesta loving southerners to the more serious and sober character of the North. Each region of Spain enjoys its own particular folklore traditions, cuisine and even holidays.

Thanks to the fact that Spain is the European country with the most World Heritage Sites, a tourist attraction worth a visit is never far away – wherever you are in Spain.

Spaniards are friendly and open to foreign visitors. They are proud of their land and believe there’s no other place on earth like their beloved España.

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