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 Russia World Cup 2018


12 stadiums, 11 locations (Moscow, St. Petersburg,  Kaliningrad,  Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Samara, Kazan Volgograd, Yekaterinburg and Saransk), 32 national teams

If there is an event in the world of sports, bringing out the best of both worlds, one of the players as well as the spectators, thrilling and rewarding with a true sport spirit and soccer excellence, it’s the most popular sporting event in the world, the FIFA World Cup. Hosting a World Cup is a great honour and a brilliant tourist promotion, this year in the hands of Russia to awe and amaze with its hospitality, organization, attractions, sights and the sounds of the largest country in the world, and with no doubt they will, as the improvements on all levels and areas are taking place as we write. At eleven locations and twelve stadiums, with the wolf mascot named Zabivaka (goalscorer), some maybe iconic games and moves will take place supported by the spectators from all over the world. First time from the 1958. one grand football nation will not be participating, and we shall miss the Italian soccer legends and cheer on for all the rest. Welcome to the Iceland and Panama making their debuts this year. Will Germany keep up with scoring the most goals, as they did in the last three World Cups and will the Europeans (11 titles) or South Americans (9 titles) snatch the cup this year, remains to be seen. If you are visiting Russia for the World Cup we have prepared travel guides, some useful tips and tricks to help you get around, step by step, city by city and stadium by stadium in the flamboyant country of Lev Yashin, Dostoyevsky, Irina Shayk, Matryoshka dolls, Kalinka dance and of course, vodka drink.




The exhibit of exquisite Russia’s scenery, exploring its unknown horizons and connecting the puzzles of the world’s largest country is a journey through the world of geysers and waterfalls at the Kamchatka Peninsula, baffling rock formations of Lena Pillars in far eastern Siberia and “nearby” world’s deepest, vodka with ice clarity, Lake Baikal. Venture to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Altai National Reserve is well worth the scenic stop on the route of the notorious Trans-Siberian railway, a 9289 km of epic expedition starting at Moscow and ending at Vladivostok, covering the best and unexplored regions of the Soviet giant. On the other end, a cultural centre of Russia, St. Petersburg is a city with an irresistibly romantic notion nestled at the eastern tip of the Baltic Sea and the Neva River, luring with the sightseeing options and proudly presenting its impressive architectural gems of Winter Palace, Kazan Cathedral and State Hermitage Museum. In the middle of it all stands the glorious capital Moscow, a remarkable fusion of history, architecture and entertainment that will capture your attention leaving a lifetime impression.

Moscow KremlinLake BaikalSt. Petersburg Russia


Sales phase 1:

  • 14th September – 12th October 2017 – Random selection draw
  • 16th – 28th November 2017 – First come, first served

Sales phase 2:

  • 5th December 2017 – 31th January 2018 – Random selection draw
  • 13th March 2018 – 3th April 2018 – First come, first served

Sales phase 3:

  • 18th April – 15th July 2018 – First come, first served

Apply for the tickets here: FIFA official page

World Cup Hospitality packages: FIFA hospitality page

Ticket payment options: Visa

There are four price categories for the World Cup 2018 tickets, as follows:

  1. Category 1 – Seats in prime areas within the stadium
  2. Category 2, 3 – Seats outside the category 1
  3. Category  – Russian residents only

Designated seats by category and stadiums you can find here: Ticket organization Fifa

Tickets World Cup Russia

With the tickets “in your pocket”, you can apply for your FAN ID card, designed by the Russian authorities to support the event with many attractive options the ID provides, like visa free entry to Russia or free travel on public transport. Details are found here: FAN ID

No ticket, no problem – hosting events organized by FIFA, will take place all over Russia giving you the insights and the atmosphere of the World Cup from the outside of the mega event. Big Tv screens, live events, concerts and happenings, world cup souvenirs and great atmosphere guaranteed at the FAN Fests taking place in all the World Cup cities across Russia.

News from Coca Cola : “Starting today, Coca-Cola is inviting fans around the world to get #ReadyFor the highly anticipated 2018 FIFA World Cup™ by giving them the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close to the same Trophy that will be presented to the winning country of the tournament in July. The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola will visit 91 cities, across 51 countries and six continents, giving thousands of fans the chance to experience football’s most coveted prize.”

Fifa world cup trophy tour Coca Cola


  • 3.2 billion people worldwide watched the 2010 World Cup – that is actually 46.4 percent of the world.
  • Vamos Brazil, has the most World Cup trophies, wining for five times, in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002.
  • The first World Cup game took place in Montevideo, Uruguay, 13th July 1930
  • $400 Million Dollars prize money pool to be awarded to 32 teams in 2018.
  • Two teams have won almost 50% of the championships, Brazil & Italy (Germany right there)
  • The most goals ever scored by one player in a World Cup match is an impressive five, by Oleg Salenko of Russia.
  • The World Cup winning country is rumored to have a baby boom, 9 months after the World Cup. In fact, Hyundai even created a commercial based on this fact.

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