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Moscow Kremlin

Russia’s capital Moscow will exceed your expectations, no matter how high they may be. Energetic, dazzling diversity of the city has you covered in all the aspects, from the turbulent as much as fascinating history to explore, cosmopolitan high tech wonders to admire, plate of “haute cuisine” local flavours as well as the simplest Borscht (beet soup) to indulge in, and high end designer shops to the Soviet vintage options, for all the ladies to enjoy. Home to two football stadiums hosting the World Cup 2018 extravaganza, newly renewed beauty of the Luzhniki stadium and colourful Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow is your top destination this summer.


Exploring Moscow during the World Cup vibe is double the excitement of countless attractions and sights to scout. Much to see and not enough time during the World Cup. Kremlin and Red Square demand at least a day each to show you all the compelling beauty of its architecture and turbulent as well as fascinating history oozing through its streets today.

1. Moscow Kremlin:

Kremlin is one of the Moscow’s landmarks, an impressive building complex, triangular in shape, encompassing ensemble of architecture styles from the Russian Baroque, Byzantine and Classical, where important moves of powerful imperialist and leaders were negotiated and your first move in the Moscow discovery adventure. Guided walking tours offered of the Kremlin Museum and estate featuring the Armoury Chamber, a treasure house holding a collection of the Imperial Russia heritage, ceremonial tsar’s dresses, arms and armours and royal carriages.

Kremlin Moscowmoscow-kremlin

2. Moscow Red Square:

Eyeing Kremlin in the heart of Moscow, Red Square is a notable historic sight and Moscow’s main tourist spot with glorious St.Basil Cathedral, a symbol of Russia. History tells the story of the church built by Ivan the Terrible (Ivan Grozny) and legend gives us a story that he blindfolded the builders so no one alike can ever be built again. Red Square is an interesting journey inspired by the Russian history, through the colours, stories and shapes of its buildings, Kitai-gorod famous quarter and Lenin’s mausoleum, a home to the mummy of the founder of Soviet Union, Vladimir Ilych Lenin.

St Basil Cathedral Red SquareMoscow Red Square

3. Gorky Central Park:

Named after the famous Russian writer and five times nominee for the Nobel Prize in literature Maxim Gorky, the park is a jumble of the activities, events, concerts, fountains and landscapes. Grab a blanky and a beer(s), stroll along the shores of Moscow river or walk over to the blue and yellow bridge for some of the best city views.

Gorky Park - MoscowGorky Park Moscow


Intense pleasure of discovering Moscow on your own, armed with the maps and all the info gathered from the extensive online research is the best with a little help of many organized tours and attractions the city offers. Different perspective with an insight of the local ways, stories, tips and tricks for getting the best of your Moscow stay coming up below.

1.Moscow Hop on and Hop off bus tour

Be a true tourist on this classic tour offered in all the major cities across the world. Apposedly named, Hop on and off bus tour, that is exactly what you can do when another option or a site grabs your attention. Moscow’s bus runs from 10 am to 18 pm taking you to the 18 Moscow’s main attractions on two routes with total 42 stops.

Moscow hop and off bus

 2.Dimitrov Hot Air Balloon Flight and City Tour from Moscow

Fly high with Hot Air Balloon tour, a 60 minutes overview of one of the oldest Russian cities Dimitrov and larger quient Moscow city and its countryside. With a glass of champagne in one hand, and a camera in the other, memorable experience is guaranteed.

Dimitri hot air baloon MoscowDimitrov hot air baloon

4.Discover Russian Countryside: Day Trip to Zvenigorod

Relaxing, down to earth sightseeing option with day trips to Zvenigorod, the ancient town of Russia featuring traditional churches, classic estates and history museums. Famous Russian summer drink of kvas tastings with pirozhki pastries. Start at 7 am from your accommodation.

Day trips to Zvenigorodzvenigorod excursion Russia

5.Adventure tour: caving and off roading in a Russian military van

From many Russian symbols, the authentic UAZ-452 van is amongst the coolest ones. Formerly a support vehicle for the military forces, today your adventure ride in the outskirts of Moscow, exploring the underground caves, off-road tracks, river crossing all followed by cosy camping and barbecue party over traditional Russian beer. Start at 9 am at Domodedovskaya metro station.

off road Moscowoff road moscow


Somewhat uneasy choices appear in the Moscow rich nightlife, from high spirited venues with shiny disco balls and Dj spinning electro beats, wine bars rhapsodies, jam-packed with locals pubs, gentlemen’s bars, karaoke clubs, tourists hangout spots and cigar bars and lounges. Top few of regular spots and not so, coming up:

city pub crawler MoscowBobby Dazzler Pub MoscowKadril karaoke Moscow

Icon club MoscowCoyote Ugly Moscowcity space bar&restaurant Moscow

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