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Known as the Kiev Olympic Stadium, home of the Andriy Shevchenko’s FC Dynamo Kiev, it is a fine piece of architecture situated close to the Kiev center, renovated to host Euro 2012 finals and the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depesche Mode and Madonna. The opening day for the stadium was scheduled on 22nd June 1941. the day that Germany attacked Russia, so it was rescheduled to a later date. Capacity of 70,050 seats, modern venue with transparent architecture and colourful seats inspires unforgettable emotions on the platforms. Exquisite Vip lounge with the best views on the green and the match can be visited on a daily tours of the stadium. Cute souvenir shop is found inside or just bring your own Sports souveniers.


11/12/17: Round of 16 draw
13–14/02/18 and 20–21/02/18: Round of 16, first leg
06–07/03/18 and 13–14/03/18: Round of 16, second leg

16/03/18: Quarter-final draw
03–04/04/18: Quarter-finals, first leg
10–11/04/18: Quarter-finals, second leg

13/04/18: Semi-final and final draw
24–25/04/18: Semi-finals, first leg
01–02/05/18: Semi-finals, second leg

Saturday 26 May, FINALS 20:45CET


The nearest metro station is Olimpiys’ka (ст. Олімпійська) on the blue line, and St. Palats Sportu (ст. Палац Спорту) on the green line. Both are within 5 minutes away from the stadium. 80 spectators sectors are located inside, 38-46 rows in the lower and  30 rows in the second tier with seats width of 460 mm.

Seating arrangement:

  • 738 seats in VIP Boxes.
  • 3 546 seats in business sector.
  • 150 seats for physically challenged people.
  • 1 497 seats for media.


  •  18 catering stalls located in the galleries at level two.
  • 24 catering stalls located on level three.
  • 4 bars in VIP zone
  • 4  bars in commercial zone.
  • Cable-stayed membrane roof. 
  • Open wifi network in the stadium.
  • Hospitality zone with the area of 36 000 m2 that can be used for parking.

Locations around the stadium:

  • Underground parking of Troitska Square – 250 places.
  • Parking of shopping and entertainment center “Gulliver” – (450 parking places – underground, 200 places – outdoor parking). 

NSC “Olimpiyskiy” provides comfortable stay of guests with disabilities. The stadium is equipped with ramp lifts and toilets. Audio-descriptive commentary is available for people with sight problems, as well as translation of the language of gestures for people with hearing problems during the events. High level of security (professional staff, the stadium is equipped with modern video control system) is practiced. Up to 1000 stewards maintain the order and provide assistance for guests of the arena on match days.

kiev map stadium

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