Barcelona Overview

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Barcelona Overview

Barcelona is the capital of the Autonomous Community Catalonia and has recently been the epicenter of the independence struggle of Catalonia vs. the Kingdom of Spain. Barcelona is the biggest coastal metropolis in the Mediterranean and is popular with art lovers and is a European hub for international conferences, summits and other important events.

The home to Barcelona FC is set between the sea and rolling hills at the back. The historic center of the city – Barri Gotic – dates back to Ancient Rome and is located close to the beach.



As in any cosmopolitan city, tourists should always keep an eye on their belongings. The notorious areas for pick-pocketing and scams aimed at foreigners is Las Ramblas. It’s advisable not to engage in conversation, if a stranger addresses you, be discreet with your wallet and not to leave your bags unattended. Otherwise, it is perfectly safe, including staying out late into the night.



The local currency is Euro. Credit cards are accepted in most shops, bars and restaurants. There are plenty of ATMs throughout the city and depending on your home bank fees, this may be the most feasible way to get cash. There are a few currency exchange bureaus in the center of the city. Please note that the airport is the worst place to exchange currency.



Along with the Castilian Spanish, Catalan is spoken in Catalonia with its capital Barcelona, (along with some parts of the Valencian Community and Balearic Islands).


A few phrases in Spanish:



  • Hello – Hola [‘aw-lah]
  • Thank you – Gracias [‘ɡɾa.sias]
  • You’re welcome – De nada [de n’ah-dah]
  • How are you? – Qué tal? [‘Keh ‘tahl]
  • Do you speak English? – Habla inglés? [‘ah-blah ing’les]
  • I don’t understand – No entiendo [naw enti’endo]




If you are a European citizen, you may opt to apply for an EHIC card in advance, to get access to state-provided healthcare in Spain. It’s useful to know that emergency care will be provided even without the card. If you are a non-European citizen, make sure to carry a travel insurance that covers the necessary medical care: if you need to use private healthcare in Spain you will have to pay out of your pocket, claiming reimbursement from your insurance company afterwards.



Barcelona boasts hot summers (19-30 degrees C / 66-86 degrees F) and mild winters (5-16 degrees C / 40-60 degrees F) and minimal rainfall. The city beaches in the summer offer a chance to refresh. Within a short train or car ride you can explore other beaches and little towns located nearby.


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