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Moscow accommodation


A variety of attractive and practical accommodation is available in the approximate vicinity of the Luzhniki stadium and Spartak Arena. Whether you decide to venture from the heart of the Moscow city or prefer to stay as close as possible to World Cup spectacle, we have picked few options depending on your budget and favoured lodging style, as well as a couple of best rated and funky or fancy travellers top picks. Go local with a Russian booking platform Ostrovok, worth taking a look at for the price comparison. Cancellation policies, payment methods and accommodation facilities look over carefully as well as the type of the room you are booking. General description of the property does not apply to all room types, the balcony may be offered, but not for all room types. Using a debit card instead of a credit one, with the right amount of funds on it, could save you potential online booking hassle, generally speaking. Vouchers and booking confirmations best keep stored with an easy access, digitally or a paper version.


Budget: Hostel Center 4,3 km from Luzhniki stadium, a practical option for the practical traveller.
Standard: Icon Hostel 3,7 km from Luzhniki stadium, featuring a very cool Moscow city view.
Premium: Central Hostel & Hotel 3,7 km from Luzhniki, classy option in the world of hostels.                        Spartak Arena vicinity: Mini Hostel 1,4 km from Spartak Arena.

Hostel Center MoscowIcon Hostel MoscowCentral Hotel & Hostel Moscow

Cool choice: Hostel Netizen 8,8 km from Luzhniki, local quality award winner in 2016.

Hostel Netizen Moscow


Budget: Апартаменты “На Тверской 1,9 km from Luzhniki, low price, ok quality place.
Standard: Sweet Moscow Presnya 6,7 km from Luzhniki, sweet option in the heart of Moscow.
Premium: Lux Apartments Frunzenskaya 1,4 km from Luzhniki, a touch of luxury close to the stadium.
Cool choice: Moscow 1 bedroom flat in Centre 11,6 km from Luzhniki, flat for the price of apartment.
Spartak Arena vicinity: Apartment on Volokolamskoye 1,5 km from Spartak Arena.

Apartments MoscowMoscow apartmentsMoscow apartments


Budget: Younost Hotel 0,9 km from the stadium, affordable but poorly rated, view of the Luzhniki stadium.
Standard: Brick Design Hotel 8,6 km from the stadium, brick walls original design in Moscow center.
Cool choice: Godzillas Hotel 9 km from the stadium, travellers favourite, Buena Russia social place.
Spartak Arena vicinity: DoubleTree by Hilton Moscow-Marina 1,4 km from Spartak Arena.

Moscow Luzhniki hotelsMoscow hotelsMoscow hotels

Premium: Swissotel Krasnye Holmy 7,3 km from the stadium, Krasnye (beautiful) it is indeed.

Moscow luxury hotels


Exploring the colourful variety of flavours and fragrances compiled in a culinary tour of your Russian adventure and discovering the tastes and the traditions of Russian dishes is an important cultural addition you will very much enjoy. Local tastes of Borscht soup with smetana (sour cream), Kulebyaka, Beef Stroganoff as well as tasty quick bites can be found near the stadium complex and larger Moscow centre area. Russian fast food chain, Teremok and Kroshka Kartoshka are conveniently situated all over the city. Authentic Yolki Palki is a self-service chain, all you can eat heaven at more than reasonable prices. “Mu – Mu” is a must visit, a typical Russian “stolovaya” (buffet restaurant) where English is not the strongest feature but the local food is. You will find them at most frequented spots easily recognized by the cow exhibited in front of the entrance. We have few more suggestions picked out, from fine to the finest of the fine dining experience based on the online reviews and top travellers choices.

1.Stolovaya 57 – Caffe Bar, fast food, good prices Russian and European cuisine,  GUM shopping center.
2.Lastochka – Boat restaurant with Italian, Japanese and European cuisine, 15 km from Luzhniki stadium.
3. Restoran RotondaRussian, European cuisine, 1 km from the Spartak Arena.

Кухмистерская caffe bar MoscowYolki-Palki-MoscowRotonda Moscow

4.Moscow elite classic Caffe Pushkin Russian and European cuisine, 7 km from the Luzhniki.
5. Deserts and pastries Shokoladnitsa Caffe Bar with European sweets, 9,9 km from Luzhniki.
6. Best gourmet ride in Moscow Mercedes Bar 31th floor of the hotel Radisson Royal.

Pushkin Caffe MoscowШоколадница cafe, MoscowMercedes bar Moscow

Been to Moscow or a local? Share your top spot, hidden gems, we would love to hear from you!


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